Sound Familiar? 

Q. Have you ever developed a set of plans that initially had minimal technology requirements, only to have that shift as an afterthought, causing delays and changes that could have been easily avoided if addressed early?

A. Having The Architect's EDGe involved in the design process early provides many obvious benefits, including a highly coordinated, streamlined process for incorporating technology into the various design stages of the project, while simultaneously saving the client and design professional, time and money.

Q. Have you ever been frustrated attempting to acquire necessary technical information for your project, while interviews and negotiations between the client and an Electronic Systems Contractor were still going on?

A. With The Architect's EDGe consulting solutions, EDG consultants and system designers are available to help throughout the design phase for a small investment.

Q. Have you had a client who is  interested in technology for their new home or business, but you don’t have a reliable firm to partner with on the design?

A. With our methodical time tested 5D approach You now have a reliable, cost effective partner that you and your client can count on for all aspects of residential and business technology.

Q. Have you ever had to help your client sort through several different quotes for AV systems and could not tell which proposal was the correct choice?

A. The Architect's EDGe will provide a fully detailed equipment specification document that can be sent out by the client to acquire an apples to apples quote comparison if necessary.

Q. Have you or your client ever been presented a proposal that had one number at the bottom of the page and it was unclear as to the services that were actually being provided or the costs of each system?

A. Along with the plans and design concept overview we provide an itemized breakdown for the budgets that support our system designs.  There is nothing to hide from our clients.

Q. Have you allocated space for Lighting and or Equipment Racks in your plans, only to find out last minute that more space is required?

A. With The Architect's EDGe on board early, you’re able to design for the proper amount of utility space needed for the buildings technology infrastructure.  Not just the space required, but the power requirements and BTU ratings too.

Over the last 27 years EDG has developed many large and small projects for our clients. We realized through our process that there were things that could improve our clients experience with us. We started asking ourselves the very questions above and have made it our mission to support our clients and trade partners in a different way.